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CVS and Target shopping

October 9th, 2011 at 07:24 pm


First Purchase
2 pack of Crest 6.2oz Toothpaste
Regular Price $6.29
-$1.00 mfr coupon
-$1.50 EB
-$2.00 EB
Total OOP $2.05 ($1.03 per tube) (CVS giftcard)

Received $2.00 EB

Second Purchase
Pur-Absorb Iron Supplements 28 pack
Regular Price $19.99
-$4.00 Sale Price
-$2.00 EB from last purchase
Total OOP $14.95 (CVS giftcard)

Received $15.99 EB

So I spent $17 on my CVS giftcard today, and I still have a $15.99 EB, so I go both items for total spent of $1.01 if you figure back in the EB.

Then I went to Target because I had a bunch of items that I could get with both a mfr coupon and a Target coupon.

Glad Odor Shield Garbage Bags 84ct
(this will last us YEARS!)
On sale for $13.00
-$1.00 Target coupon
-.75 mfr coupon
OOP $11.25

Venus 4ct Razor Refills
Regular Price $10.99
-$3.00 mfr coupon
OOP $7.99

Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioning Cream
Regular Price $2.99
-$1.00 Target coupon
-$1.00 mfr coupon
OOP .99!!

Tampax Pearl Compak 18pk (2 boxes)
Regular $3.99 per box
-$3.99 (BOGO Free mfr coupon)
-$1.00 Target coupon
-$1.00 mfr coupon
OOP $1.99 for 2 boxes = less then a $1 a box!!
I got to use 3 coupons on one purchase! Whoo hoo!

So at Target I saved $13.53 just by using coupons, and these were all needs. Gonna go add them to my stockpile. Smile

I think I am going to put a cap on a few things in my stockpile unless then are absolutely rock bottom prices. I think toothpaste, tampons, bar soap and shampoo/conditioner are going to be on hold for now, unless I can get them for insanely cheap. It is hard for me to pass up a good deal, but I don't want to be one of those crazy people on TV that keep TP under their kids beds....lol....as long as I can keep it contained to the bathroom cupboard and linen closet storage I should be good!

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