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Discover Card Challenge

October 9th, 2011 at 04:22 pm

We are doing ok on our Discover Card Challenge that goes from 9/28/11 to 10/27/11. So far our bill is at $343 (trying to keep it under $1300 for the cycle). We need to go grocery shopping and DH needs gas in his car. We also have to get oil changes on both of our cars. We are going out to eat tomorrow for dinner, but we have mapped out the rest of the week and there should not be any other eating out the rest of this week. Also since I have the CVS giftcard, I won't be spending any OOP there. Hopefully we only add about $200 to the card this week.
$60 - 2 oil changes
$50 - groceries
$30 - Eating out
$50 - Fuel for DH's car

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