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Eye Exam and Glasses

October 10th, 2011 at 10:55 pm

I got my eye exam and my contacts last week. The eye exam is covered at 100% (I had to pay $15 for the contact lens fitting) and I had $200 allowance for eyewear.
For my contacts I got 6 boxes of contacts ($36.00 a piece) and only had to pay $16.00.

$15.00 Contact Lens Fitting
$16.00 6 boxes of Contacts
Total OOP $31.00

I could put this towards my HSA account, but I think of that like a savings account, and I don't need to use my savings account to cover $31.00, so I just paid for it OOP.

I always make sure I use my allowance as soon as it becomes available to get the most out of my health insurance.

3 Responses to “Eye Exam and Glasses”

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