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Crazy amounts of OT

December 11th, 2011 at 07:35 pm

It seems I forgot to mention it on here, but my work has been giving crazy amounts of overtime for about 5 weeks now. We are able to work up to 10 OT hours a week. This is pretty close to impossible due to the hours that we are open, and me having Bingo as well....but I have been putting in about 5-7 hrs a week in OT for the last several weeks. My job usually has occasional OT, but this amount is unheard of. I asked my boss how long she thought we would have this OT and she said we can expect to be offered 10 hrs per week through March!! OMG! The money is nice, but I am definitely starting to feel burned out. Hopefully I can find a happy balance between working some OT and not going insane...lol. I have the whole week off after Christmas, so they should help me recharge. Smile This week I was able to get in 9hrs of OT because they let us come in Saturday and do some trainings. Can't wait to see my check...$$$$$!

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