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Weekend at the casino

February 28th, 2012 at 11:20 pm

DH and I took a little break and went to a casino out of state to relax.....we earned it with all the hours I've been putting in for OT and for Bingo....and track coaching started this week for DH.

We took $1000 and came home with $1021. Smile It was nice and relaxing and a lot of fun.

Not sure if I ever posted on here, but we have a strategy for when we go to the casino so we make sure that we at least bring some money home. First of all we always take a set amount, and we always bring it with us from home, we never use the ATM or write checks there, so we never get more then we had planned for. Then when we play a game we put in $10 and play it will we get to $20 or higher....or until we lose it. If we get to $20 or higher then we cash out at the next even amount and take that money home. We won't play that specific money again no matter what. Then we go play the next game with a new $10, etc. That way we for sure get to play a lot, and we will have "something" to take home. So using this stratgey we played a ton (think like 17hrs) and even came home a little ahead. We don't expect to come home millionaires, we just like to relax and have a little fun time. Our biggest hit of the weekend was $153, betting .80 on a penny machine.

1 Responses to “Weekend at the casino”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That is a pretty organized approach to gambling and it looks like it leads to some insurance that you don't lose your shirt because you stick with it! It is good that you are so disciplined about it.

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