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$20K Update

March 25th, 2012 at 04:25 pm

Once all of my deposits clear I will have to go back and make sure all the numbers match up. It is so hard to keep straight when I don't update it on a regular basis. The $20K goal is soooo close! We don't have to pay the mortgage for April, so I'm hoping we will get over the goal....until we have to pay for our cruise.

Also I did get that check from the Chase Freedom Credit Card for $300.00, all I had to do was use the credit card once and they sent me a check for $300.00. No fees, no annual charge, no strings! Smile

Current Balance $19,235.00
+$6.18 March ING Interest
+$30.82 March Even Out Amount
+$420.00 Bingo Payday (3/2/12 and 3/16/12)
+$30.00 Bingo Tips (3/19/12)
-$112.00 to Roth IRA
+$85.00 to retirement hold account (3/6/12)
+$85.00 to retirement hold account (3/20/12)
-$2600.00 Vegas
+$2000.00 Brought back from Vegas
+$300.00 Free check from Chase credit card
+$100.00 to Anniversary Cruise
+$100.00 to Sept 2012
New Balance $19,680.00

Bingo Money $2,340.00
ING $11,205.00 ($2000.00 Bingo Money)
Mortgage Payoff $130.00
Home Improvements(cash) $1,195.00
HSBC $4,810.00
Total = $19,680.00

Added $244.53 and $167.81 to Bingo Wages and $38.00 to Bingo Tips
Tips total - $1567.86
Wage total - $2776.99
Total Bingo Money - $4344.85

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