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$20K Update!

April 13th, 2012 at 11:53 pm

Today was payday for my full time job, DH's full time job, Bingo, track and cross country! Smile DH gets to do what he wants with his track and CC money so should have some more to add once he lets me know how much I can use from his money for savings.

Current Balance $21,940.00
+$50.00 Bingo Tips
+$85.00 Retirement Hold Account
+$195.00 Bingo Wages
+$100.00 September 2012 Savings
+$100.00 Anniversary Cruise
+$275.00 Home Improvements
+$200.00 Casino Win to Vegas Fund
+$200.00 Casino Win to New Car Fund
New Balance $23,145.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1,820.00
ING $15,690.00 ($3000.00 Bingo Money)
Mortgage Payoff $130.00
Home Improvements(cash)$595.00
HSBC $4,910.00
Total = $23,145.00

Added $195.90 to Bingo Wages and $48.75 to Bingo Tips
Tips total - $1724.66
Wage total - $3099.55
Total Bingo Money - $4824.21

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