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Holy Moly Science Junk!

August 19th, 2012 at 02:43 pm

My husband has been getting his classroom ready for the new school year and inspired by my purging at the house (at least that's what I tell myself) he is going through a lot of the old supplies kept in his classroom that have been there since he started teaching 6 years ago. He brought a ton of stuff home and told me to mark it for the rummage sale. I wasn't sure that was ok, but he said if we didn't sell it they were just throwing it all away because they don't use it and he had already thrown a bunch out. We tried to give some to a middle school science teacher that is a friend of ours, but he only ended up taking one box out of like 10....so here is the fun I had all weeked:
*ETA - Sold $96.50 worth at 8/24/12 rummage sale

Safety Goggles (22) marked $1.00 each
Flashlights (18) marked .50 each
Hanging Scales (2) marked $1.00 each
Test Tube Holders (3) marked $1.00 each
Stethoscopes (HUH) (13) marked $1.00 each
Measuring Cup (1) marked $1.00
Graduated Cylinders - Small Szs (8) marked .50 each
Graduated Cylinders - Large Szs (3) marked $1.00 each
Graduated Cylinder 4 piece set (2) marked $1.50 each
Keychain Laserpointers (15) marked $1.50 each
Replacement Batteries (4) marked .50 each
Desk Tape (1) marked .50
Pocket Scope (1) marked $2.00
History Books (6) marked .50 each
Education Videos (3) marked .50 each
Educational Videos (5) marked .25 each
Beakers Small (3) marked .25 each
Beakers Medium (24) marked .50 each
Beakers Large (1) marked $1.00 each
Mini Slide Viewers (10) marked .50 each
Bag of slides (2) marked $1.00 each
Bag of magnifiers (4) marked $1.00 each
Bag of prisms (1) marked $1.00 each
Parquetry Blocks (1) marked .50 each
Bin of Chemistry Supplies (1) marked $15.00 OBO
Mini Mirrors (24) marked $2.00 each...my Mom says these are antiques cause they are from a dinner club that burned down about 20 yrs ago...if they don't sell for $2.00 each I will mark them down lower.

2 Responses to “Holy Moly Science Junk!”

  1. snafu Says:

    holy moly since you've already listed it all I suggest you send the e-mail to the other middle schools in your district to see if they could use the supplies that don't sell at your rummage sale.

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Good idea! We really don't want them to go to waste, they are good supplies, but just very specified so need to find the right person. Thanks for the suggestion!

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