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September 2012 Savings Update

September 3rd, 2012 at 08:37 am

Regular Savings:
Bingo Money $5625
Home Maintanence ING $3440
Mortgage Payoff Account (cash) $130
Cushion $2360
HSA $5640
New Patio Door(cash) $370
September 2012 $20
Emergency Fund $1930
New Car $5020 - Complete
Vacation - $2840 - Complete
Anniversary Cruise $1175 - Complete
Total Regular Savings = $28,550.00

Retirement Savings:
Retirement Hold Account $1320
Roth IRA $5810
Rollover IRA $890
401K $20,850
403B $17,560 (est)
Total Retirement Savings = $46,430.00

Total Savings = $74,980.00

HSA went down $3000 when I paid DH's medical bills for his knee...so that was a big blow. But at least we had the money in the HSA to pay for it.
On the flip side we got DH's yearly retirement statement and it went up $3760 from my last estimate...so all in all the numbers came out ok.
After all that moving around we are up $95 for the month! Smile

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