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Coupon Book Update

November 20th, 2012 at 09:27 am

10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Calzone $6.99
10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Pop $2.29
10/16/12 Pita Pit - BOGO Free Pita $6.79
10/24/12 Gloria Jeans - BOGO Free Drink $5.09
10/27/12 Bonanza - Discount on meal $3.00
10/27/12 Cold Stone Creamery - Discount on 2 $3.34
10/30/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Med Pizza $10.99
11/2/12 Bonanza - Discount on meal $3.00
11/2/12 Bowling - BOGO Free Game of Bowling $4.50
11/19/12 Space Aliens - Free cup of soup $2.99
Total Saved $48.98

The coupon I used yesterday was actually for Space Aliens BBQ Pit, which is no longer in business, but KUDOS to Space Aliens Bar and Grill for letting me use those coupons there even though it was technically not for their establishment. (I did not get the same service with a Donut Hole coupon at BearScat Bakery....)

2 Responses to “Coupon Book Update ”

  1. CarolBee Says:

    Where did you get your coupon book at? We eat at Bruno's a lot, their pizza is fantastic - sounds like you've got your money's worth from it!

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Hi Carol! Actually a little girl came to my door selling the coupon books! I am not sure what school it was for, it was $20 for the book, and we definitely got our moneys worth. And yes, Brunos is fabulous! Smile

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