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Always love a long weekend!

November 24th, 2012 at 08:29 pm

Thanks to a LOT of help from the hubby, got all the Christmas stuff up including the tree! All that is left is the outside (have a few little lighted trees and a penguin guy to stick in the front yard). Plus got the 2 presents that I have on hand wrapped and under the tree, and organized all of the Christmas wrap scraps and bags again. While I was going through the Christmas wrap I found a pile of BD, wedding and baby cards in one of the Christmas bags, so moved those to the rest of the card pile.

I have been working slowly on the "study". Can't see a ton of progress yet, but I have cleaned out several binders of old checking statements, got those all shredded and disposed of. Also filled a whole garbage bag already with misc junk and papers. Hope to see some "real" progress soon! Now that all the Christmas is up and good to go, I can redirect my focus to that organization.

Going to eat for by bro's BD dinner tonight so that will be nice. Smile

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