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November 30th, 2012 at 05:44 pm

Been a money making machine this week. Got in a little over 8 hours of OT (time and a half $$$$) plus worked 2 hrs at the rents rental. Just a little bit (I think) of mudding left then will move on to the next thing. I think my Dad wants me to start on the extensive cleaning that will need to be done. Once the mudding is done then they can bring in the texture guy to texture the whole place, then we will have to primer and paint every room. UGH. I believe the texture guy is the only person my Dad is hiring. The rest of the work is all being done by my family (Dad, Mom, myself and older bro, little bro lives a few hrs away). So far my Dad and bro have built a deck on the front, ripped out a closet, built a new closet, put in some new windows, and sheetrocked another closet (it was under the stairs and the stairs had never been closed off, so looked terrible in the closet). They are obviously very handy guys....me and Mom pretty much just do what we can to help out with things like cleaning, painting, going to buy supplies etc.

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