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Misc Productive Odds n Ends

April 18th, 2013 at 01:45 pm

Got a few things done yesterday that made me feel productive.

As I was cleaning out that extra room, I was trying for the most part, to mark things for the rummage sale as I found them, so most things were already marked and put away when I got done. But I did end up with a small box of maybe 20 random items in the end that needed to be marked, so I marked them all yesterday and put them away in a box for the rummage sale.

Also when I was cleaning out that room I found a folder of checks I had ordered maybe a month or two ago and put in my desk. I had pulled them out when I was organizing and realized that even though I had requested no changes, they had for some reason taken my husband's name off of the check blanks. So I called the bank and reordered. We get free checks for our bank and I still have 2 pads left, so no big deal. Odd though, that they randomly removed him from the checks....

And lastly I finally got DH's CVS card signed up for the Beauty Club. I had been trying to do this for awhile, but was having trouble. You used to be able to activate it with the cashiers at CVS, but when I asked them to do that they said they can't anymore, you have to go online. I had trouble with DH's login info, so I finally just called CVS EB line and had them activate it that way. So now I can start earning extra rewards on his card.

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