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Went through all the purses and baseball caps

April 24th, 2013 at 09:40 pm

Cleaned out the purse bin and baseball cap bin. DH has lots more baseball caps downstairs, but I will get to those when I get done with the whole upstairs. I found a few items to get rid of (see lists below) but still have a lot. I haven't bought a new purse in over 3 years. I just like to keep my things nice and have them for a long time rather then get rid of them and then buy new ones. I was happy I found a few I could part with. Smile

Purse bin - all done

10 Purses
4 Wallets
4 Slingbags (love these for trips, especially Vegas)
5 Coin Purses

Put in rummage sale - 4 Purses and 1 Slingbag

Baseball cap bin - all done

10 Hats
2 Visors

Put in rummage sale - 1 Hat, 1 Visor

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