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SHOES oh and the coats too...

April 27th, 2013 at 05:36 pm

Last two sections of the hall closet

Coats (also DH keeps his hoodies and vests in there)
DH Keep - 17 Tossed - 1
Me Keep - 13 Sell - 5

Shoes....ooooohhh shoes. I love my shoes. I know I have way way too many. But I did my best. I haven't actually bought any shoes other then running shoes to replace worn out ones in at least 3 years. But I hace accumulated a lot over the years. I know I have at least a few prs from jr high and high school still. But when you find ones you like you gotta keep em!

Here is pics of them all out of the closet, before I picked out the ones to get rid of:

Please don't bother telling me that is a ridiculous amount of shoes...I know...LOL.
I had 57 to start with and got rid of 16! DH had 12 and got rid of 1. I put them all in a box for now to go through and clean them up, decide if they are worth selling, I know there were at least a few that were going to garbage. I will prob do that tonight or tomorrow and get them all cleaned up and boxed for the rummage sale.

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