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Errands - To Do List

May 25th, 2013 at 05:31 pm

Been pretty productive with the old "To Do" List this week.

-Scheduled the carpet cleaning for next week
-Got my bi-yearly ring cleaning and inspection done
-Exchanged a CD for DH that he got for his BD
-Took a bin of newspapers to the recycling
-Hit up CVS everyday for my free/cheap Revlon
-Opened a mortgage checking account
-Took change to the bank and put into new account
-Took back and got new library books
-Contacted Lawn Care service to start first treatment

Hoping to tackle the garage this weekend. Get it cleaned up, swept out, and take our aluminum cans in for recycling(more money for the mortgage!). Have to get it ready for rummage sale time, we are planning on having our first of the year in 3 weeks!

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