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To Do List Progress

June 27th, 2013 at 09:16 am

I spent all day yesterday at the waterpark with my Godson, 2 cousins and my friends cousin. Me and 4 boys...Ahhhh! But it went really good and had fun. I know my 3 year old Godson had a blast! Smile Needless to say I didn't get a single thing done on my list yesterday, but Monday and Tuesday I did good, and I plan on finishing it up today.
Oh and at softball on Tuesday night I hit a home run! Enjoying my time off! Smile
Here is where I am at:

(X)Transfer money for Vegas
( )Make packing list for Vegas
(X)Call to set up apt for sprinkler installation
(X)Update rummage sale inventory notebook
( )Update rummage sale inventory on blog
(X)Get DH's windshield wiper fixed
( )Find a cardholder for Vegas
(X)Clean out kitchen closet
( )Order snowcone cups
(X)Clean out hot tub
( )Clean out car
( )Wash car
(X)Get glasses adjusted
(X)Use JCP Coupon
(X)Clean shower
(X)Clean up extra bedroom
(X)Put away rummage sale clothes
(X)Put away rummage sale drinks
(X)Take back library books
(X)Get Free Menards Tool and Grass Seed
(X)Balance Checkbook
( )Use Free coupons from Coupon Book
(X)Sweep Floor
(X)$100K Update
(X)Buy present for Godson
(X)Deposit rummage sale money
(X)Write out mortgage checks
(X)BD Dinner
(X)Godson BD Party
( )Trim Bushes
(X)Pick up Kitchen
(X)Clean out Purse
(X)Mortgage Update
(X)Pay MDU
(X)Put new insurance cards in car
(X)Pick up bedroom
( )Cut down tree
( )Mow Lawn
(X)Take saw to brothers house
(X)Pay Discover Card
(X)Buy Milk
(X)Take boys to waterpark

2 Responses to “To Do List Progress”

  1. snafu Says:

    The time spent with godson who 'had a blast,' and others is worth forever memories...the other stuff will get done when it get done...a 3 y/o is so special every day offers a new experience

  2. nhgirl1970 Says:

    Glad you are having fun. Besides, it looks like there is significant overall progress on the to do list.

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