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3 minutes of my time = $5 from Discover!

November 18th, 2013 at 04:49 pm

I got a mailer from Discover advertising their mortgage services. It said just for calling in and speaking with a Discover Mortgage Officer you get $5. I was pretty sure they wouldn't be able to beat our rate, since we are in a 10 year loan for 2.75%, but figured I would check it out and get the free $5. I called them, it took 3 minutes total for him to verify that they wouldn't be able to beat that rate and the free $5 is on it's way to me! Once I get that I will put it in the mortgage checking!
They also asked if we needed to consolidate any debt (don't have any) or if we needed any money for home improvements or major purchases (that is what savings is for). Smile Bet he doesn't hear those answers too often. Smile

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