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December 2013 Savings Update

December 1st, 2013 at 10:31 pm

December 2013 Savings Update

Regular Savings:
Home Maintenance ING $5365
Cushion $3090
HSA $10,580
New Patio Door (cash) $440
Escrow $2470
September 2014 $1115
Short Term Emergency Fund $200
Long Term Emergency Fund $1150 - Complete
New Car $10,250 - Complete
Vacation $3115 - Complete
Anniversary Cruise $2900
Total Regular Savings = $40,675.00

Retirement Savings:
Retirement Hold Account $1350
Roth IRA $8205
Rollover IRA $815
401K $30,200
403B $23,900 (est)
Total Retirement Savings = $64,470.00

Total Savings $105,145.00

Up $1385 from last month!

Regular savings hit $40K! Continuing to move up the ladder. I need to get my focus back on specific goals. Seeing goals met for different accounts really helps my motivation, so need to stop chucking random amounts to random accounts and focus on one goal at a time.

1 Responses to “December 2013 Savings Update ”

  1. mamasita Says:

    Super work on hitting $40K! From your updates, it is obvious that you work diligently towards your savings goals, great payoff for the hard work!

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