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Grocery Store Monopoly

January 17th, 2014 at 03:40 pm

The city I live in currently has 3 grocery stores. 2 of them are just one store each, the 3rd has 3 locations and is building a 4th, they also have another location in the next city just 7 miles away. We also have 2 Walmarts that have full grocery areas, as well as a Target that has a good amount of groceries.
The large chain store seems to have more expensive groceries, so we always went to store #1 for our primary shopping, as they seemed to have a lower prices, and then I would scout deals from the other stores. Now the chain store is buying that location. So they will have 6 locations in 2 cities. And that only leaves us with store #2, Walmart and Target. I don't usually ever shop at Walmart or Target, especially not for groceries. It's just too hectic (especially at Walmart), lines are outrageous(Walmart) and I have heard a lot of horror stories about the produce (Walmart again...). Also DH prefers to shop local if at all possible.
So yesterday we went to store #2 for some deals, all items with coupons from their add and some manufacturer coupons. My total was $56, after coupons it was $36. Was happy with the deals, but then yesterday I looked through my receipt and looks like at least 2 of the coupons scanned and then said "items not purchased" so didn't take off the coupons. Took my receipt in and they quickly refunded me $4, taking my total down to $32.

Here is what I got:
Chobani Yogurts 10 @ .88 each
Imperial Margarine Sticks 4pk .99
Apples 5lb bag $2.76
Garlic .22lb at $3.98 p/lb .87
Frozen Broccoli 16oz bag 3 @ .77 each
Hormel Sizzlers Sausage 2 @ .98
Land O Frost Sandwich Meat 2 @ $1.77 each
Canned Mushrooms 6.5oz 2 @ .68
Starkist Tuna 3 @ .68
Ranch Dressing 2 @ $1.88
Cheerios 8.9oz box 4 @ $1.14
Baked Lays 6.25oz bag $1.97
Fiora 12pk TP $1.97

I just bought items that we use and that were good sales for us. Happy with the shopping. Going to need to stay on top of the deals, especially now with more limited options.

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