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May 9th, 2014 at 05:41 am

-It's Friday!
-It's Payday!
-I got a new laptop on Wednesday night, haven't even had a chance to open it yet, but an excited as the old one was very near death.
-I had softball on Tuesday (old team, Rec II) and Thursday (new team, Rec I, higher league) and we won both games, both nights! So I am 4-0! I was a little nervous for Thursday night since it is a higher league then I have played on before and a new team where I only knew one person, but it went very well and it's nice to meet new people that don't know my life is such a mess.

DH isn't moving till Sunday, but will be gone until late this evening and also almost all day tomorrow with work so feels like I really don't have any time left till he is gone. Again last night he insisted he IS coming back. I keep telling him not to say that cause I can't believe it right now.

Will be working on my lists for things to do to make me happy tonight and tomorrow and hopefully spend time with family on Sunday.

Between work, overtime, 2 nights of softball and taking care of the house/lawn, I really don't think I will have much time to be bored. So that is good...when I get bored I start feeling the worst...like I am a loser and no one even cares what I am doing right now... Frown So main focus for now will be to stay busy as I get used to this new stage.

8 Responses to “Friday”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good plan to stay busy!

  2. Mooshocker Says:

    Take care of YOU! Nobody else! YOU and YOU alone! Find out who YOU are! Find out WHERE YOU are! Sit in front of the biggest mirror YOU have and study YOURSELF! I am rooting for YOU! Jamie

  3. CB in the City Says:

    You will be in my thoughts on Sunday.

  4. klarose Says:

    I just dont get it.

    If he says he is coming back, what is the point of him leaving?

    Ill be praying for you. So sorry he decided to do this on Mothers Day. Take care of yourself. Hang out with family on Sunday, and have a good time.

    You can do it!

  5. klarose Says:

    Oh there is a great online resource, for people wanting to talk about or get support for their marriage. You can Google it. It is called Talk About Marriage.

    They are very nice there, and it is a great place to ask questions, or just vent.

    Wishing you all the best. *hugs*

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Busy, busy, busy!

  7. snafu Says:

    At this point I hope you'll take it one day at a time. Northing is definite, everything is fluid. Take care of yourself. You've a full plate with work, overtime, family, softball season, new league, new people, new computer, house, lawn and figuring out what you want and what you need to be happy.

    If you need to vent, we're here, 24/7

  8. creditcardfree Says:

    @klarose, most likely that is the addiction talking when her spouse says he is coming back. He isn't thinking clearly.

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