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The last few days

May 23rd, 2014 at 08:45 am

The last few days have been ok....Wednesday sucked...started getting texts from DH at 5:30am (hello I am sleeping!) and they were not nice. Didn't text him back for the rest of the day cause I don't need to be talking to someone that talks to me like that.

Then yesterday he surprised me by showing up to watch my softball game. He only stayed about 45 min or so, but I still thought it was very nice that he came. Thursday evening is when we had planned that he will go to the house (because I will be gone for softball) and do laundry, get groceries, movies, anything else he needs at his place so we have a set time and I won't be home. So he left and went to the house to finish his laundry, when I got home he was still there because his laundry wasn't dry yet. He had cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes and fixed a lock on a door that I had been having trouble with since he left. Smile So that was great! He then asked me if I wanted to go to dinner since it was happy hour. So we went and had some half price appetizers and drinks. He ordered a water with his drink. So that was also good.
Unfortunatley everytime we see each other it just leaves me very sad cause then I go home alone and wonder what happened to our lives....cried the whole drive home..ugh. Frown But overall it was a good interaction between us so I need to focus on that part and remember that this is going to be a sloooooooow process.

TGIF everyone, hope you enjoy your long weekend!!

8 Responses to “The last few days”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good job not engaging your husband in his mean texts. Did you ever inquire, while he was sober, what that was all about? It is good that you have set some boundaries. You might consider that he can do his laundry elsewhere.

  2. Butterscotch Says:

    I would totally make him do his laundry somewhere else! Are you a laundry-mat as well as a door mat? Did you get an apology for these obnoxious text messages? Why is he popping up when it is convenient for him? Like at a softball game, or when he wants to do laundry or grab a snack? Screw that! Where is he when you actually need him, like when youre crying? He's not there! My biggest and best piece of advice, based on my own experience, is meet some new people. Shake things up! Do you have friends in other cities that you can go visit? Get out of town, get some perspective. This man...oh this man.

  3. BuckyBadger Says:

    Why did it matter that he got a water *with* his drink. Or did you mean that he was water *as* his drink?

  4. Thrifty Ray Says:

    You are smart to take this one day at a time. Let your heart and spirit start to heal. Try new things. Show yourself just how amazing you are. I hope you have a peaceful weekend- you deserve it!

  5. Banker Gurl Says:

    Butterscotch - I have been on message boards and blogs long enough to know not to take things too personal and that sometimes we feel the need to give someone some "TOUGH LOVE". So thank you for that, I know you are just trying to make me see. But please don't think you telling me I'm a doormat is news to me. I know I am being a doormat, a pushover, a sucker. I don't want to be that. But I am trying my best and I'm lost and confused and angry (at him and at myself) and lonely. DH and I agreed that he would do laundry here on Thursday nights because I wouldn't be home on Thursday nights. I am actually the one that suggested it, since I won't be home, we are still sharing all expenses at this time, and it is MUCH cheaper for him to wash his clothes here then at a laundry mat. We had agreed on this arrangement. Also for the groceries, he is getting his own groceries for his place, but I had gotten some good sales on a few things so bought enough for both of us and since I haven't been able to eat much, if he doesn't take and use some things from the pantry and fridge they will expire and be wasted. Again since we are still sharing all expenses, I see no reason to waste more money.
    I am trying to meet new people. I added the 2nd softball night and have started going out with people I considered more acquaintances before and seeing if they are people I want to see more often as friends.
    I really am doing the best I can. I haven't found a guide book yet for 29 y/o falling apart. I know all of my decisions have not been wise, but I am learning as I go.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Banker Gurl - I don't know if this might be helpful to you or not. My mom told me about it this weekend - reallove.com There is a few of his books on eBay too, and videos on youtube. Check out "imitation Love" and "how to let go of a relationship" They might offer some insights/thoughts.

  7. Butterscotch Says:

    Sorry, I type faster than I think sometimes and I get carried away! I'm sure you're doing what's best for you, I just started here and reading a few of your post all at once made it seem more dramatic. I'm sorry!

  8. Banker Gurl Says:

    It's ok Butterscotch! Like I said, I know you only meant to be supportive, and I get the tough love, I know I need it! Smile

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