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Super Awesome Deal of Coke Products - Hurry Ends Today

May 24th, 2014 at 01:00 pm

I should've posted this earlier in the week, hopefully you still have time to run in to CVS if you are a Coke drinker!

Coke Products 12pk (Bought 24)
Regular Price $5.00 each
On sale for 4/$12

When you spend $30 on select products you get a $10 CVS Giftcard!

And the regular price goes towards that limit, not the same price.

So if you buy 12 - 12pks, you pay $36, and get back 2 $10 GCs ($20). Making your price $16 for 12/12 packs...that equals $1.33 per 12 pack, or .11 per can!!! What a great price!!! I drink Coke so this a great price for me and I pack my Cokes and bring them to work rather then paying .75 a can at the vending machine. I got 12 Cokes and then 12 mixed of Diet Coke, Mello Yello Sprite and Cherry Coke for the rummage sale. I sell them for .75 each at the rummage sale and they fly out of here!

1 Responses to “Super Awesome Deal of Coke Products - Hurry Ends Today”

  1. Dental Floss Tycoon Says:

    Excellent Haul! I would get some, but I have too many 2-liter bottles of various soda pops in the stockpile. I really need to be either drinking them or donating them.

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