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Cleaned out the chest freezer

May 30th, 2014 at 09:36 pm

Continuing on with cleaning out the garage, after taking the cans to recycling, I cleaned out the chest freezer. It was a mess because it has TONS of bags of ice in it in the bottom (save ice during the year to use for snow cones at the rummage sale). I put all of the bags of ice in neat stacks now under the tray section since I won't need it at all unless it's rummage sale time. I have an ice maker in the freezer in the house, so that is what I use for daily ice use.

And After

Now I can actually see what food is in there! All the bags of candy are for Halloween (NOT for me! LOL!). Got a super deal on them last year, only $1 a bag at CVS! So I stocked up since we get 300+ trick-or-treaters.
I found 3 more bags of fish from Mexico (my Mom goes there every year and brings back fish she catches) that I will cook soon. Also some deer sausage, chicken, and frozen pizzas. Now that I actually know what is in there again I can start planning some meals accordingly. Will also need to go through the pantry cupboards soon too....but I think my list is big enough for now!

1 Responses to “Cleaned out the chest freezer”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    It does look much better! Good for you getting some more cleaning done.

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