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Took in the recycling and emptied my piggybank

May 30th, 2014 at 02:22 pm

Took in our cans today. We get a lot of cans donated to us. Several of my coworkers give me their cans at work, plus between DH and I we have 3 softball teams that generate a LOT of cans after games. Took them in today, had 75lbs at .50 per lb totaled to $36.50 (they minus 2lbs for dirt, water and other misc that adds to your total).

Also took in my piggy bank to the bank had $56.14. Deposited $53.50 with the can money, so that totaled to $90.00. The other few dollars will go back into the pig for next time.

Normally I put all change and recycling money to the mortgage. For now I am just going to put that into the mortgage checking account and if things pan out then I will put it towards the mortgage later.

Mortgage Checking Balance = $5.00
+$36.50 Recycling
+$53.50 Change
New Balance = $90.00

2 Responses to “Took in the recycling and emptied my piggybank”

  1. Kiki Says:

    In California if you take recycling items in lots of 50 they will pay you for each can/bottle etc. instead of the weight process most recycling companies use. I go to a self service recycling machine so that I can get the full amount back. I don't buy sodas or water that often so personally it would take me along time. to get to 50 but I set out a bag at work and my coworkers use it. I take it home every week or two and it is enough to take my niece to the movies once or twice a month. She goes with me and is responsible for feeding the machine. 50% for savings, the rest for movies. She loves "earning" the money necessary to do something fun.

    In your state is it by weight or by item?

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    I am in ND and I they only do it by weight here. Frown

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