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June Test Budget Month - One Week Check In

June 8th, 2014 at 11:59 am

Test Budget:
Mortgage $1005
Heat/Air/Electric $150
Water $50
Cellphone $50
Gym $25
Internet $50
Car Insurance $50
Fuel $100
Groceries $100
Netflix $15
Going out/beer $75
Unaccounted Expenses $55
CVS $25

Total Expenses $1700

Actual so far
Mortgage $1005 (Estimated for after refi)
Heat/Air/Electric ?
Water ?
Cellphone ?
Gym ?
Internet ?
Car Insurance $50 (Estimate as I don't know how this will change yet)
Fuel $42.06
Groceries $0 so far
Netflix ?
Going out/beer $57.67 (Wendys $3.62, Paradiso $18.46, Taco Johns $7.05, Captain Freddies $28.54)
Unaccounted Expenses $150.29 (Lawn Mower Battery $150.29)
CVS $24.90 ($24.90 Laundry Detergent)

So far I am almost at my max for eating out (and it's only the 8th!), way over on the Unaccounted for expenses (and I know there will be more). Other categories are good so far. Will definitely need to make adjustments. Doing my best to have no spend days.

2 Responses to “June Test Budget Month - One Week Check In”

  1. snafu Says:

    During transition things get bumpy so you may need to dip into savings for socializing. Is Freddies a bar?...can you pick something healthier than Wendy's or Taco Johns... Fried and chemical infused foods need to be avoided just now for really healthy baked, vegetable and fresh fruit targeted choices. All the grocery chains have ready made trays of cut up fruit and veggies with dip small party trays. The deli will cut your favourite cheese in cubes. Costs a bit more but you're worth it! [please forgive the cliche]

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Thanks snafu. For the most part I don't eat crap. lol Wendys I had two chicken sandwiches. Taco Johns I just wanted something NAUGHTY! And it was delicious! Normally I always bring yogurt or leftovers for lunch. Paradiso was for a friend's BD dinner(fish tacos and a margarita). Captain Freddies is a bar/restaurant and that was for another friend's going away party (Spinach salad with mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts, and peppers, YUM! and 3 beers). I like pizza or burgers once in awhile as a treat but for the most part I eat pretty healthy.

    Today I am going to make some soup for lunch for the week. Lots of veggies in my freezer I need to use up. Also have enough yogurts for the week, blueberries and granola.

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