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To Do Week of 6/21/14

June 19th, 2014 at 09:58 pm

I have all of next week off of work (I always take the whole week of my birthday off Smile ).
So time to get some junk done again! I have a lot of things left to do from my last list, but it just seems to NEVER end right now! So here is what I have so far....

( )Laundry
( )Clean out/vacuum XH closet
( )Move summer clothes into MY 2nd closet
( )Reorganize my fall/winter clothes closet
( )Take out garbage
( )Take out items for XH to take from medicine cabinet
( )Re-oragnize MY extra cabinets
( )File
( )Move 2013 files to permanent file
( )Finish cleaning toys
( )Finish marking toys
( )Enter Coke Points
( )Enter Special K Points
( )Vacuum
( )Wash Dishes
( )Clean off counters
( )Clean off table
( )Clean out fridge (I just did this, but just reorganize and keep clean)
( )Clean off top of fridge
( )Sweep Floor
( )Mop Floor
( )Organize recycling bins
( )Wash new dishes
( )Pack up old dishes for XH
( )Go through/separate small kitchen appliances
( )Make Calendar for July
( )Put away shoes
( )Sweep
( )Mop
( )Clean out
( )Sweep
( )Spray out garage
( )Mow Lawn
( )Mow Lawn Again
( )Clean Hot Tub (I have to do this again because XH ordered the wrong cover, which is too small, so now dirt already blew in there, but now I have a tarp to put under the cover so it won't get dirty fast again)
( )Clean out rock bed and lay plastic
( )Take garbage and recycling to curb
( )Trim bushes in front yard
( )Trim tree in backyard
( )Al-Anon Meeting
( )Wax Eyebrows
( )Paint toe nails
( )$50K - $100K Updates for WIR
( )$100K Updates for WIR
( )Get bike in working order
( )Pick out new glasses
( )Dental apt - Monday
( )Take back library books and get new ones
( )Blog CVS Deals
( )Blog FB Sales
Extra Bedroom #1
( )Pick up room
( )Throw out broken dresser
( )Dust
( )Vacuum
Extra Bedroom #2
( )Pick up extra bedroom
( )Organize closet in extra bedroom
( )Vacuum extra bedroom
Workout Everyday
( )Saturday -
( )Sunday -
( )Monday -
( )Tuesday - Softball
( )Wednesday -
( )Thursday - Softball
( )Friday
( )Saturday - Softball
( )Sunday
( )Go play Bingo
( )Go to some rummage sales
( )Go to a movie
( )Eat Ice Cream!

1 Responses to “To Do Week of 6/21/14”

  1. Petunia in a Flower Garden Says:

    Hope you are having a good and productive week! Happy Birthday!

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