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$20K Update - Continuing to disperse joint savings and Roomate Update

July 22nd, 2014 at 06:07 am

I consolidated our 8 ING Savings accounts into 1 account. More progress towards getting things done. Dispersed another $5000 to me and $5000 to XH. So just $6055 left to divy up and we won't do that until the house closing is done and he will be paying me for his half of the refi costs.

Also finally heard back from the potential roomate and she is not moving in, which at this point is honestly a relief that she said no as she was seeming less and less reliable since she took so long to respond to my texts.

I have another friend that I know would be more reliable etc., my concern with asking her first is she has a small dog. I know she is very responsible with her animal and would be very careful that nothing happened to my house etc. because of her pet, but accidents happen with animals and I am NOT a dog person at all (childhood attack). But I think if we have rules in place right away then that would be fine. The roomate would essentially have the entire basement to themselves, so we could put a baby gate at the bottom of the steps so that when she isn't home the dog is contained to that area. I will be reaching out to her today to see if she is even interested at all.

*ETA - Went and added another $30 to My Savings to control my numbers OCD. Since I won't have to pay the mortgage for August I will have a little more wingle room for things like this for one month. Smile

Joint Savings

Current Balance $16,055.00
-$5,000.00 to My Savings
-$5,000.00 to Xh Savings
Balance $6,055.00

ING $6,055.00
Total = $6,055.00

My Savings

Current Balance $8,480.00
+$5,000.00 Dispersing Joint Savings
+$30.00 Numbers OCD
Balance $13,510.00

Local Savings $500.00
ING Savings $13,010.00
My Total Savings $13,510.00

2 Responses to “$20K Update - Continuing to disperse joint savings and Roomate Update”

  1. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    I've been really impressed with your strength and resiliency through this whole ordeal. And I'm glad you found out about the potential roomie's flakiness before committing to a living situation with her.

    As a former non-dog person (also got attacked as a child), I will say that they grow on you if given the chance and that dogs, like people, are most definitely not created equal. I now have a lab that I could not imagine my life without, but I will still stay clear of dalmatians. Hope everything works out for you!!

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Thanks debt-free! Yes dogs are not for me, I was attacked by a rottweiler when I was in elementary school and ended up with 11 staples in my head. Frown Have never been able to shake that fear.

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