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August Spending Tracking

August 8th, 2014 at 12:23 pm

8/1 Coke .75
8/1 A&B Pizza $4.98
8/1 Electric Bill $94.38

Out of town
8/1 Blackjack $50.00
8/2 Strawberry Pop $1.06
8/2 Gordmans $21.01
8/2 Scheel's Earplugs $3.21
8/2 Long Horn Steakhouse $49.37
8/2 Hotel Room/Fuel $100.00

8/3 - NO SPEND DAY!!
8/4 - NO SPEND DAY!!
8/5 Groceries $35.25 (Milk, bread, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, frozen pizzas, 4 carton of juice, salad dressing, Miracle Whip, Capri Sun for rummage sale)

8/6 Ice Cream Treat $1.00
8/6 Fuel $40.31
8/6 Red Lobster $66.44

8/7 - NO SPEND DAY!!

8/8 Taco Johns $6.16
8/8 Pat Benetar Tickets (2) $40.00

Monthly total so far = $513.92 YIKES.

So I think I am doing ok....the tracking of the money is definitely making me think twice when I wanna grab a snack or a quick bite to eat.(Hard to tell when you look at my tracking, but I swear it's helping!)

I am out of town again this weekend, this time for my state softball tournament. I elected to drive down and come back the same day (it's about 90 miles away) rather then getting a hotel room. We play Saturday and if we win will play again Sunday. So potentially could be a lot of driving, but would rather be at home and save the hotel money and get stuff done for the rummage sale, especially if we lose Saturday I don't want to have a hotel room for no reason. I am planning on eating breakfast at home before I go and packing a lunch bag to eat lunch after the game. If my team goes out to eat after the game I may join them for comradery, but not sure yet, as some are drving back and some are staying in a hotel, and some staying with relatives, so we may all disperse after the game anyways. So other then fuel, I shouldn't have any costs for the trip. I will bring water with in a cooler.

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  1. snafu Says:

    If team wins and it seems practical to stay over, try Hotwire.com for reasonable priced, chain type, accommodation. You don't have to take it, just phone and ask what they have on offer and then decide if it's worth the cost. Remember to ask about taxes, fees and if there are other cost add ons.

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