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6 Week Weight Loss Challenge and FREE trip to Laughlin!!

August 18th, 2014 at 06:09 pm

BF is taking me to Laughlin! YEAH! I have never been there before and this is the first trip outside of the state for us together so I am very excited!

Best part is it's FREE! He got comped from a previous trip he took there and he got 2 free flights there and back, free room for 5 nights, free appetizer at one of the restaurants, and 2 free tickets to Larry the Cable Guy (random, LOL)! Our hotel has 2 pools and a private beach, FUN!

So the only thing to pay for is eating (we will do some nice dinners, but there is also a McDonalds and other cheap food options), drinks (free while you are gambling), gambling ($$$) and shopping (not planning on doing much of this, but maybe?!). We are flying out from a city 2 1/2 hrs away, so we will have gas there and back (which I have said I will pay for) as well.

BF and I would both like to lose some weight before the trip, so we decided to have a little bet. Whoever looses the highest percentage of weight is the winner...the loser pays for all of the meals while we are in Nevada. The contest starts today and ends 9/30/14. So I have 6 weeks! My goal is to loose 15 lbs which I think is reasonable if I work hard and stay focused.

My plan of action:
-Cardio outside or in the gym 4 days a week
-30 days Ab Challenge
-No sweets except for 4 brownies when I work the rummage sale (it's 4 days and unrealistic for me to sell brownies without sampling the products... Wink )
-No pop at home (except during rummage sale) and no pop when eating out. Try to get down to 1 can per day at work (currently at 2 per day).
-Only drinking for special occasions (weddings, parties, etc.), not when out for dinner/softball etc.
-Be vigilant on portion size
-Make good decisions when eating out
-Water, water, water!!!

I would really love to win....not just for the free meals on the trip, but just to feel a little better about myself. BF is ALWAYS very complimentary, but losing a little weight is always a great confidence booster so I am looking forward to it! Smile

4 Responses to “6 Week Weight Loss Challenge and FREE trip to Laughlin!!”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    Laughlin is a fun destination! Enjoy. Smile

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds like fun and a great challenge!!

  3. snafu Says:

    Tying fun trip to Laughlin to weight loss challenge is huge. 1st thing I do when focussed on my weight is try-on my swim suits! That identifies issues PDQ . Do you reward yourself with lots of girly girl time for hair care, facials, skin care, manicure, pedicure etc? There are tons of mixtures, lotions and potions on You Tube that are fun and easy. At least if you don't like the product it hasn't cost much.

    I didn't like the results or mess from a Juicer but we love the Magic Bullet whizzer which are probably available for half price on local FB sale page, CraigsList or Kijiji. A bit of skim milk/Almond Drink, fruit and lots of ice and you won't miss soda. My 1st is drop most carbs, particularly bread type products and all ready made salad dressings which instantly turn greens into fat on all the wrong places.

    Reluctantly mention the past hopeful divorce papers have been submitted, car payments re-directed, beneficiaries changed , CCs re-named, and the list completed all marked Done!

  4. Banker Gurl Says:

    Thanks All!

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