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August Spending Tracking

August 25th, 2014 at 12:31 pm

8/1 Coke .75
8/1 A&B Pizza $4.98
8/1 Electric Bill $94.38

Out of town for BFs state softball
8/1 Blackjack $50.00
8/2 Strawberry Pop $1.06
8/2 Gordmans $21.01
8/2 Scheel's Earplugs $3.21
8/2 Long Horn Steakhouse $49.37
8/2 Hotel Room/Fuel $100.00

8/3 - NO SPEND DAY!!
8/4 - NO SPEND DAY!!
8/5 Groceries $35.25 (Milk, bread, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, frozen pizzas, 4 carton of juice, salad dressing, Miracle Whip, Capri Sun for rummage sale)

8/6 Ice Cream Treat $1.00
8/6 Fuel $40.31
8/6 Red Lobster $66.44

8/7 - NO SPEND DAY!!

8/8 Taco Johns $6.16
8/8 Pat Benetar Tickets (2) $40.00
Out of town for state softball
8/9 - NO SPEND DAY!!
8/10 Fuel $38.31

8/10 CVS $12.29
8/10 CVS $2.15
8/11 DressBarn $62.54
8/11 Ground Round $20.00
8/11 CVS $15.85
8/12 McDonalds $3.40
8/12 CVS $17.96
8/13 Fuel $39.91
8/14 McDonalds $4.69
8/14 Cookies for softball potluck $7.98

Out of town for wedding
8/15 - NO SPEND DAY!
8/16 - NO SPEND DAY!
8/17 Fuel $42.00
8/17 Wedding Gift $25.00

8/17 Pop for rummage sale $32.02
8/17 Coed softball fees $25.00
8/18 Breakfast $5.10
8/18 Hooters $27.00

8/19 - NO SPEND DAY!

8/20 Space Aliens $49.00

8/21 - NO SPEND DAY!

8/22 CVS $3.55
8/22 Fuel $36.75
8/22 Taco Johns $5.23

Out of town for Pat Benatar Concert
8/23 - NO SPEND DAY!

8/24 Chinese $25.00

Monthly total so far = $1014.65

Eating out is crazy....any of the bills for food that are over $10 is cause it was me and BF eating together....and he pays for a lot of our meals (though I have been pushing to pay for more)...so we are eating out way too much. I challenged us to just eat out once a week in September, it will help our weight loss challenge, plus give us some cushion for the Laughlin trip. Hopefully we can help each other and pull it off! Smile Other then the eating out everything is ok with me for spending. Fuel bill is high since we were out of town so much. That should go down some now that all of the out of town "trips" are done, however since BF lives out of town my fuel bill will continue to be higher then I would like it to be....but it is definitely worth it to have my rock. Smile

I did have to go to the Dr and get almost $200 in RX on Friday for a surprise eye infection...but since that was paid for out of my HSA I am not counting that towards my monthly expenses.

8 Responses to “August Spending Tracking ”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Hi Banker Girl, I was glad to see your post. Hope that your eye infection is better. You sound like you are doing better, sound happier in your post. I hope that you continue to feel happy.., and that things go well for you...

  2. snafu Says:

    I hope it's ok to mention/bring to your attention that soda, coke etc is like drinking down a can of sugar, is like shooting yourself in the foot, totally sabotaging your weight loss goal. It makes a mess of your innards

  3. Lena Says:

    ^It's sooooo worth it though (says the lady who is shamelessly addicted to Diet Mountain Dew).

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about the eye infection.

  5. Banker Gurl Says:

    Joanne - Thank you! Yes I am feeling much, much better. Definitely going to be hurting for awhile but getting better everyday.

    Snafu and Lena - Coke is for sure my weakness...I love it! I know it is terrible for me, I have tried to quit many times but it's just too damn delicious!

    Rob - Thank you! I have a bad habit of falling asleep with my contacts in, but in 16 years of wearing contacts have never had a problem till now. Oh well, those eye drops were super expensive, but they worked MAGIC on my poor eye!

  6. SecretarySaving Says:

    Maybe for the month of Sept BF can drive to your house on the weekends.

  7. Banker Gurl Says:

    He actually drives down here at least 2-3 days to see me during the week....YIKES! I tell him to stop, he can't be spending so much on gas to drive down here, but he insists it's worth it....lol.

  8. snafu Says:

    Coke & Pepsi are the two most addictive of the sodas. If you want to overcome your craving, it will take 14 days of conscious change to make it go away. The common substitute is sparkling water flavoured with concentrated fruit flavour like black cherry or pomegranate. Perhaps you didn't know, 'fizzy drinks often contain phosphoric acid, the ingredient that gives them their tangy taste and 'tingle'. This can affect skin and muscles, and even damage the heart and kidneys over time', according to studies by Harvard University. Worse yet it leeches calcium from your bones.

    I'll continue to hope you'll take the action needed to rid yourself of that addiction.

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