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$700 Win at the Casino!

August 27th, 2014 at 02:19 pm

BF and I and a few of his family members made an impromptu trip to the casino last night....and I came home $700 ahead! YEAH!

Normally I would stick that into savings or the mortgage, but since we are going on that trip to Laughlin in the beginning of October I will keep it aside for that and now I won't have to take any money out of savings for my gambling money, so unless I lose the bet and have to pay for food, I am going to have 5 free days in Laughlin! SCORE!

3 Responses to “$700 Win at the Casino!”

  1. mich Says:


  2. Joanne Says:

    Hi Banker G., that is so good that you won $700.00 . I"m glad to sse that you are feeling happier. {Not that you aren"t still sad about yr. divorce, I know how hard that you tried to make it work.. I'm glad that you are having some fun..

  3. Nika Says:

    Awesome! That will make the trip even more enjoyable.

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