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I turned $500 seed money into $2200!

September 27th, 2014 at 08:57 am

OK let me first put a disclaimer that I do realize this was a fluke thing and no this is NOT savings advise! LOL

At the end of August BF and I went to the Pat Benatar concert at the casino. I had lost a bet so I footed the $500 gambling money, with the agreement that anything we won went back to the person that provided the gambling money, and then anything over the $500 we would split. Well we ended up coming out even, so I got my $500 back.

Rather then putting the $500 back into checking, I kept it aside to take with on our trip to Laughlin (in only 4 days now!). Well since then we went to the casino with BFs aunts....and I came home up $700! Then we went again with his aunts and his Dad...and I came home up $350! Then we went with his brother and SIL...and I came home up $250! Then for our 3mth anniversary just the 2 of us went...and I came home up $400! So I turned that initial $500 into $2200!


I definitely realize this is not the norm for gambling and I feel extremely lucky! I will be taking the $2200 on the trip to Laughlin to pay for gambling, food and drinks (flight, hotel, and a show were free comps that BF had). Anything I bring home is gravy so can go straight into savings!

2 Responses to “I turned $500 seed money into $2200!”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Sweet! May your good luck continue! Big Grin

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Wow! Hope things keep going so well for you!

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