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Continuing on the post-divorce To Do List and randoms

October 14th, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Continuing to get things done on the post-divorce "To Do" List. Got XH removed from my health insurance. I was waiting until he had his own coverage in place before I removed him, and due to the untimely deaths of his grandmother and mother that was delayed, but he finally had coverage as of 10/1/14, and so I had his termination backdated to that day and I will get a small refund in my paycheck for the premium. Now my health insurance is just me so will completely free. The only thing I pay is for vision and that is $4 a month which is well worth it for my glasses or contacts each year.

Last night was my and BFs last night of coed softball, we ended the season at 9-3! Good year and a very fun team! We plan on having a softball party at my house next weekend so that will be fun!

I went pheasant hunting for the first time this weekend. No one in my family hunts, so BF is introducing me to a lot of new things! It was pretty fun and very nice weather considering it is October. We got one (he actually shot 2, but one landed in a sun flower field and we couldn't find it) and BF make me "pheasant nuggets" (as opposed to chicken nuggets). It was very tasty!

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