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Starting a (small) savings account with BF

October 20th, 2014 at 02:07 pm

BF knows I have a major passion for savings and we have discussed it and decided to open a joint savings account. Nothing crazy, just $25.00 per paycheck from each of us, so $100 per month. We have some lofty goals for the future, and this will be a baby step towards those!

We also had $35 in change from our trip to Laughlin, so we will use that when we open it along with our initial $25 each. Smile

Don't worry, we aren't putting anything else together yet, and everything we put into this account will be equal.

3 Responses to “Starting a (small) savings account with BF”

  1. butterscotch Says:

    I think it is great that you found someone you like so much and want to build a future with. Just be aware that even though you're putting in equal amounts neither of you is entitled to %50 of what is in the account at any time. Meaning that he can withdraw all of it and that's totally legal (as can you). I had a joint account with a boyfriend once and he withdrew all the money (close to 2k), the day before he broke up with me. And even though most of that money had come from my paychecks there wasn't anything I could do. He spent the money getting a new apartment with another girl. WITH MY MONEY! But is wasn't my money, it was our money, and then it was his money.

    One thing to think about is maybe you guys getting bank accounts at the same bank - so they are in the same place, making viewing balances and possibly making transfers easier, but they would remain your own separate property.

    Anyway, not trying to rain on your parade! I'm glad to read that you are happy these days!

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Thanks Butterscotch!

    Yes I definitely understand what you are saying and will take note! I plan on opening the savings account either through ING (where either of us could see the balance online at anytime) or at my local bank where it would be linked to my internet banking. Obviously I don't foresee any issues or I wouldn't be opening an account with him, but of course, you have to be safe!

    Feeling so good about things now! Smile

  3. debthaven Says:

    I love the idea of separate accounts at a new place for both of you, for both of you.

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