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Paid Home Insurance and Car Insurance

October 22nd, 2014 at 06:21 pm

I paid my home insurance for the year ($1335.00)and my car insurance which is bi-yearly ($165.55). I took the money for the home insurance out of savings. I am hoping I can swing the money for the car insurance out of checking. I still have another car repair I need to do ASAP, so may be going down more....but BF and his Dad were going to see if they could do the repair. That would certainly help me a lot!

Current Balance $26,325.00
-$1335.00 Yearly Home Insurance
+$10.00 to keep at $25K
Balance $25,000.00

Local Savings $1575.00
ING Savings $23,425.00
My Total Savings $25,000.00

1 Responses to “Paid Home Insurance and Car Insurance”

  1. snafu Says:

    With insurance due for renewal, it's important to review deductibles and coverage to ensure they are appropriate, X removed etc. Suggest you update inventory, take a few photos and keep a list and photos on a thumb drive off site with parents or in your office. If you use an agent, ask for bids for comparison.

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