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FB Sales

November 3rd, 2014 at 09:33 am

Had a few more FB sales this last week...another $38!

For the Softsoap Bodywash....I used to be able to get that a lot cheaper, so I would sell it on FB for $3.00 each for 4 for $10, cause I had a ton of them, so then I could get rid of a lot fast. Since I don't get it as cheap anymore, I don't advertise the deal anymore, just the $3.00 each, but I have 3 people that buy from me regularily and one of them came over last week and spent almost $30, so I was ok with still giving her the deal.

Also the Skintimate was not for sale, but my shopper saw it on my personal stockpile shelf and asked if she could buy it, so I said sure as I still have at least 5 cans.

Sale #58 (KW) - $28.50
Discounted Items from CVS
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara - I paid $1.17
Sold on FB for $4.50 each
Profit = $3.33

Nivea Lip Products - I paid $1.00
Sold on FB for $2.00
Profit = $1.00

Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner 12.6oz (4) - I paid $1.00 each
Sold on FB for $2.50 each
Profit = $6.00

Softsoap Bodywash (4) - I paid $1.96 each
Sold on FB for $2.50 each
Profit = $2.16

Skintimate Shave Foam - I paid $1.79 (Free on CVS GC)
Sold on FB for $2.00
Profit = $2.00

Sale #59 (BW) - $4.50
Free Items from Menards
Pink Caulk (3) - Sold on FB for $1.50 each = $4.50 profit

Sale #60 (KM) - $5.00
Discounted Items from CVS
Markerboard with markers - I paid $1.62
Sold on FB for $5.00
Profit = $3.38

3 Responses to “FB Sales ”

  1. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I've always thought this was such a clever idea. How does this work? Are these buyers people that know you and do they pick up? Co-workers?

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Some are coworkers or friends, but the majority I do not know. There are many local FB pages where you can buy/sell items in your community (similar to Craigs List, but a MUCh smaller scale, and none of the weirdos!). I actually started my own page, which is nice cause every person has to be okayed by me in order to join the page, and if there is any problem with someone I can delete them from the group (luckily we have had no issues thus far). Then you just post pictures, descriptions and prices of the items and if someone wants to buy it then just comment on the picture and you arrange pickup/delivery from there. Usually I prefer to meet people. I live near a mall and I work very close to a Kmart, so I prefer to meet in those type locations where it is out in the open and high traffic...just in case! Have never had any issues other then occasionally people on other pages say they want to buy and then never pickup, but for the most part has been a good experience and some easy side money inbetween rummage sales! Plus with BF living in a different town, I can expand my clientele! They have only about 3000 people and very few places to shop...just the grocery store, gas stations or Alco...so selling up there has been going well as they are happy for more variety and lower prices!

  3. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Very cool. Thanks for letting me know.

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