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I hit/demolished a deer and other unfortunate events... :(

November 16th, 2014 at 02:34 pm

BF and I have hit a series of unfortunate events.....

Last week I was up visiting BF and my Dad needed me to run an errand for him, he has a rental in a town jut 10 mins from BF and I needed to run a tool from one town to the other for him...while doing this I ran over a cat. Frown I have never hit anything (car, animal, etc.) before. It just ran straight into the road (I was in a business area, not residential) and I slammed on the brakes when it ran into the road, but wasn't able to stop on time...I was pretty hysterical and went straight to BFs work and he went to check on the cat, but sadly it was already dead. It did not have a collar and BF said they have a problem with stray cats in the area, so I am hoping at least that it wasn't someone's pet...but was still terrible and emotionally draining on me. Poor kitty. Frown

Then last weekend BF got hit was $750 in fees when he was hunting. This was his fault....but he was trying to get deer to help feed his family. He shot a deer for his sister, she wasn't with (she was on the way, she does have a hunting license, and a deer tag)and the game warden came. The game warden was nice about it as BF has never had any other infractions, and he is working with the county commissioner to see if there is anyway to get the fees reduced. On the plus side of that, they did let him keep the deer, his guns, his truck and his hunting priveleges...so it could have been A LOT worse. Also his sister felt really bad about the whole thing and gave him $300 to help with the fees. In the end it was his decision to shoot the deer when she wasn't there, and he has learned his (very expensive) lesson. He definitely won't be shooting deer for his sisters again, they will have to get their own.

Then last night we were driving home from out of town, his Mom lives about 2 hrs away and we went up to help her insulate and winterize. On the way home BF was very tired so I said I would drive his truck so he could nap (2:30am) about 20 mins from home a deer jumped out of the ditch and I had no chance to stop. I slammed the brakes but we hit the deer pretty squarely. BF has a big truck, so the deer had no chance, it went under the vehicle and I am sure died instantly. The truck was still drivable, so BF took over and drove for about 5 mins, but then the safety features on the vehicle kicked in and it wouldn't keep driving anymore because it was leaking fluids. BF thinks the transmission is done for. Luckily for us a trucker stopped and took us and BFs dog home...who knows how long we would have been out in sub zero temps if he hadn't come along. This was in a very rural area so there isn't anyone to call except friends/family. The tow truck came today and brought the truck home (the closest tow truck company is over an hr away, luckily BF has road side assistance so he didn't have to pay anything for that). He has a deductible of $500, we will have to see if the truck is totaled out or not. It is a 2000 Ford F150 and already some other damage to the windshield and passenger door, so it might actually be a good thing if it is totaled, but we shall see....either way....I am ready for this series of unfortunate events to be over!!

4 Responses to “I hit/demolished a deer and other unfortunate events... :(”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Ack! I'm sorry about all those events. I've had so many deer run in front of me, but not close enough to hit or cause damage thankfully. It is pretty sudden and surprising. I hope things turn around soon!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Gracious, you do need for this to be over. Hoping some good luck comes your way soon.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Oy! Two hits in a short amount of time! I've only hit a cat, once, and I was devastated. I've seen deer jump out like that but have been lucky enough that it didn't happen to me.

  4. klarose Says:

    Sorry for the the bad events you have had! But he got off pretty lucky with the deer.

    They don't mess around with hunting in my area. If you get caught hunting after dark, or hunting without a license, I believe it is counted as a felony, and you can no longer hunt with a gun, ever, and depending on what the charges are not even own a gun.

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