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My basement is clean!

December 29th, 2014 at 04:10 pm

BF and my Mother helped me IMMENSELY this weekend and the 3 of us worked together to completely clean out and scrub down my basement on Saturday. I also found another large duffel bag worth of XH's stuff, so that should be everything now since every room has now been gone through.

Everything is lovely and clean and organized. My garbage and recycling bins are overflowing with stuff I got rid of! The only things I have down there is storage things (a few bookshelves, boxes for presents, luggage, stockpile items and rummage sale items) so if/when I find a roomate there is just a small amount of items to move upstairs, but for now I will leave them down there as no reason to make upstairs squishy right now.

So now it is all set for a renter! BF's Aunt has a possible roomate for me (which I am very interested in because she is age 30+ and a lot of the potentials are in the 20ish range which I am not super excited about). If she doesn't pan out in the next week or so then I plan on posting pics on my FB to see if any friends/family are interested. I am really not interested in having a total stranger live with me, so I am going to start with this route and see how it goes.

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