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Plan of attack for New Year's Goals

December 29th, 2014 at 04:47 pm

Since last year was the hardest year of my life....I am ANXIOUSLY looking forward to 2015!

My goals are in the previous post and and I am EXCITED to get started!

*The roomate piece is moving forward since my basement is now clean and I can start seriously searching for a roomate.

*For the home improvements, I have started to look online at paint schemes to start picking out what I want to do for the bathroom wall repair/painting job.

*For savings, I have auto deposits set up to both my savings and also with joint savings with BF. We both want to save for the future, so can help motivate each other.

*BF and I decided to make a goal of not going to the casino until we go on a vacation to Laughlin in March. Two 1/2 months without a casino trip will be tough on both of us, but then we will have more time and for working out, getting more sleep, and working on the cleaning and home improvements we plan to do! Plus more $$ in our pockets!

I also have plans set up to help me reach my weight goals.

*I will be working out a MINIMUM of 2 days a week at the gym and 1 day a week at home/outside. (It's hard to get in a lot of gym days since I spend an average of 2-4 days a week out of town at BFs place).

*I currently drink a minimum of 2 cans of Coke per day, often times more then that. Starting 1/1/15 I will be weaning myself off (I am not quitting cold turkey because I get awful caffeine headaches). I am initially going to be starting by stopping pop at home and going out to eat, and also reducing my 2 cans at work down to 1. I think I will do that for about a week or so and then go down to just 1 mini can (6oz) at work for about a week and after that I should be able to get by with NONE!

*Goal of drinking a gallon of water a day, which would be 4, 32oz Powerade bottles worth. I am TERRIBLE at drinking anything but pop, so need to make that a priority.

*BF and I are starting a new Diet Bet online for 1/1/15. Making money motivates me a LOT, so that will be a good extra kick in the butt!

*BF got $250 in Mastercard giftcards for Christmas and we are going to go in together to buy an elliptical for his place so I have options to workout there (too cold outside, currently -23 today with windchill!)

I am ready for 2015!!!

2 Responses to “Plan of attack for New Year's Goals”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    All fluids count toward the recommended 8 8 oz glasses of fluids daily, so your goal of a gallon of water seems way overboard.

    I don't why you want to quit soda exactly, but here is a good roundup of health reasons for doing so: http://www.hccua.org/health/healthandwellness.cfm?id=311

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Thanks Patient! The gallon a day is a goal, it would certainly be a stretch for me to drink that much right now, but it is something to work towards. I have seen a lot of positive articles about that and especially with me ramping up the workouts etc, I think it's a good goal (but I am in no way medically trained, so this is just my lay opinion). I am constantly dehydrated and it will also help curb hunger.

    As for why I want to stop drinking pop, primarily to lose weight, but also to save money, and to stop being an addict to it. I am literally as addicted to pop as smokers are to cigarettes...I plan my day around when I need to get a pop, if I am going to work I have to make sure I have it, going somewhere in the car, doing work around the house, etc. No more being a slave to pop for me! Smile

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