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Gift Card Inventory

December 30th, 2014 at 05:29 pm

I like to always do an inventory of my giftcards after Christmas to see what I have and what I need to use up before I forget about them.

Some were gifts, some I purchased for a lower cost then the face value, and the CVS is from my Discover Rewards.

Here is what I have right now:

$5 Target
$5 Target
$5 Target
$10 Applebees (Bonus Card Expires 2/28/15)
$10 Applebees (Bonus Card Expires 2/28/15)
$10 Target
$20 Target
$25 Scheels
$25 Olive Garden/Red Lobster/LongHorn Steakhouse
$25 Walmart
$35 Walmart
$50 Applebees
$50 Applebees
$50 CVS
$50 Texas Road House
Total $375

1 Responses to “Gift Card Inventory ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice amount of gift cards! I don't think I have ANY to use up personally. I know other family members received some. DH has one to the local gas station...which I think he should have in his wallet since he goes there nearly everyday!! I saw it on his nightstand a few moments ago.

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