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Week 1 of New Year's Resolutions

January 5th, 2015 at 08:53 am

Well it's only day 5, but so far so good on New Year's Goals!

*Tracking my spending daily and have only had one "unneeded" expenditure (Beer and Wings!)

*Tracking my food and drinks is going well as well, always eye opening to see how many things go into your mouth!

*Water consumption has increased about 80%!

*Pop consumption has gone down by over 50% and I am feeling great about it and already seeing a sharp decrease in my Coke cravings.

*My two week goal was to lose 5lbs, and I was already down 5lbs yesterday! (after only 4 days!!) (This made me SUPER happy! )

*I allow myself one "treat" per week (that means no tootsie rolls, no cookies, no Christmas treats, no sweets AT ALL, except one chosen treat per week). Thus far that is going good, I chose a chocolate shake for my treat last week. I have not had my treat for this week yet, and in only 5 days I have already said no to Frooties, donuts, chocolate milk and cupcakes already! Feeling proud of that!

*GYM - I have been out of town everyday except one so far this year, so have not made it to the gym yet , but planning 3 days this week.

*Roomate - I am still putting out feelers and I sent a message to a instructor I know at the school of nursing to see if she has any potentials. I plan on taking pictures of my basement this week and possibly posting on my FB to see if any of my friends/family have a lead for me. Just so happy it is clean and ready now so I can have someone move in at any time. I am also looking into some basic leases.

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