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Misc CVS Items - 75% off!

January 6th, 2015 at 06:52 pm

I have just been finding new things every day at CVS for 75% off! It's fabulous!

Already have buyers for 1 of the neck massagers and 4 of the LED Lanterns!

*ETA - Already sold everything in this entry in 2 weeks and $52.60 profit!!

These are all shared with my Mom.

Lantern 20 LED (Bought 5)
Regular Price $9.99
-$7.50 Sale Price Each
Final Price = $2.49 Each!
(Marked $7.00 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold all 5 for $7.00 each on FB on 1/10/15
Profit = $22.55!

Mini Decorative Lanterns (Bought 5)
Regular Price $5.99
-$4.50 Sale Price Each
Final Price = $1.49 Each!
(Marked $4.00 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold all 5 for $4.00 each on FB on 1/10/15
Profit = $12.55!

Neck and Shoulder Massager (Bought 2)
Regular Price $24.99
-$18.74 Sale Price Each
Final Price = $6.25 each!
(Marked $15.00 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $15.00 on FB on 1/10/15
*ETA - Sold 1 for $15.00 on FB on 1/17/15
Profit = $17.50

3 Responses to “Misc CVS Items - 75% off!”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    So, have you ever tried to figure out what you're making on an hourly basis for buying things on sale and then reselling them? I'm just curious if, after factoring in gas for the car and time spent, if this is really a good way to earn money. Or is it more of a hobby?

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    I look at it as a money making hobby. I enjoy shopping and selling, and I am definitely coming out ahead. I really don't spend any additional on fuel as I have to drive by CVS on my way home from work. When I meet people for sales in my town, I always meet them at a location that is on my way home (I have to drive from one end of town to the other for work, so this is pretty convenient for drop offs). And when I am selling up in BF's town, I usually try to meet several people at the same time so not too many trips, and we meet 5 blocks from his house at the gas station, so very short trips. As far as time....I do spend a lot of time, between scouting adds, clipping coupons, shopping, blogging, taking pics, putting it online to sell, setting up times to meet people and then actually delivering. But the time doesn't bother me, as I don't have kids or pets or anything, it is a good hobby for me to make some side money and it brings me enjoyment. I LOVE finding a super deal, and then passing savings on to others! Also the time spent on this would probably just be TV time or mindless scrolling on FB...lol.

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    I am glad that you are doing something you enjoy, and making some extra income, too!

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