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$20K Update

February 6th, 2015 at 01:31 pm

I checked my Capital 360 account today and see that my total of all of my accounts was only $35 away from $25K after BF's Payday deposit....so I tossed another $35 in there.

I had to pay my Property Taxes, $2309.00, so I took $2300.00 out of savings to cover that. I was planning on paying this with my credit card so that I get my rewards, plus get an extra month of interest on the money in savings, but I forgot if you pay with a CC they charge you a $50+ convenience fee! UGH! So definitely not doing that. I did save $116 for paying now in one lump sum rather then paying in 2 payments.

$20K Update
Current Balance $28,685.00
+$25.00 BF Payday to Joint Account
+$35.00 Just because deposit to My Savings
-$2300.00 Property Taxes
Balance $26,445.00

Local Savings $1450.00
Capital 360 Savings $23,785.00
Joint Capitol 360 Savings $1210.00
Total Savings = $28,445.00

52 Week Challenge
Week 5 $10(total) + $5(deposit) = $15

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