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Feeling Productive!

February 17th, 2015 at 04:03 pm

Feeling good about getting things done already for the big move! Yesterday was day 1 of planning and I am off to a good start!

*Called and cancelled gym membership, I just need to stop there on my way home and sign that I am cancelling. (Savings of $25 per month)

*I made a rental agreement for me and my roommate to sign. Included info for no smoking, no pets, use of rooms, garage (including a cavaet for rummage sale time), rent, utilities, snow removal and lawn care, and end of rental agreement info.

*I forgot to mention, but I filed my taxes last weekend, on 2/8/15, so should have my refund soon.

Plans for this week:
-Sell lots on FB as BF works all weekend, so a good time to get my inventory down before I move
-Go through fridge (which is essentially empty), pantry, and freezer and see what I have to get eaten. The less I have to pack and move the better. So trying to get through as much as I can. There will be a lock down on eating out and buying groceries as I have TONS in my pantry and freezer.
-Clean up garage and laundry room. These are the only areas that need to be cleaned up before roommate moves in. Neither should take very long.
-Move rummage sale items from roommates room to other extra bedroom. (just some items in the closet that need to be moved)

1 Responses to “Feeling Productive!”

  1. snafu Says:

    Moving is terrific motivation to go through closet and drawers to weed out the garments you no longer wear to sell/donate. Someone else may as well be blessed and enjoy items you no longer need or enjoy. Trash anything stretched out, ripped, faded, stained, missing button and dropped hems. It's appropriate to review bedding, blankets, towels, tablecloths and release any that are in poor condition. SPCA/animal shelters really appreciate those donations for their operations. It is important to go through your make-up and medicine cabinet as those items all have safe time frames and expiry dates.

    What is your plan for handling archived paperwork? The 80% hiding in a file cabinet or banker box or ? that is never needed again but retained like tax records, house and vehicle documents etc? Can they be yanked to attic or other secondary storage spot?

    I suggest a box named 'portable office' for supplies for your new work at home office. Have you called your insurance agent to adjust the policy to include the tenant? You will no longer use your car to commute to work so that should reduce that premium and possibly a further reduction based on KBB value.

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