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Updates on moving prep

February 26th, 2015 at 09:34 pm

The team that BF coaches made it to regionals, so have been very busy traveling around the state to watch their games. Exhausting, but so fun! Tonight is the Regional Championship game, hopefully they win and get to go to State!

Since we have that going on, I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked to on getting things organized for moving...but a little here and there.

I found some more items of XH's cleverly hidden in an old coffee table that we probably never touched in the almost 8 years I have been in the house. I boxed them up and he should be picking it up this weekend.

I listed the coffee table, an old TV stand (like for a box shaped TV), and a lamp on FB to get rid of them as they are in the basement where my renter would be living. The TV stand was picked up right away (I posted for give away), the coffee table is supposed to be picked up Saturday (originally posted for $10, but changed to free as I need it out and it is quite old and a little scratched), and the lamp I sold for $5, it is supposed to be picked up tomorrow. Feels good to get this old junk out!

The bedroom where my roommate will be living is empty except for some rummage sale items in one of the closets. I started posting some of those items on FB last night, and will move everything over to the other extra bedroom this weekend so nothing is in there when he moves in. I had several peanut butter boxes of books from when I was younger, Jr High/HS age books and after a ton of rummage sales they are very picked over and don't move many of them any more, so I am trying to sell them by the box rather then individually. I posted about 5-6 boxes of books on FB last night, so hopefully someone is interested, otherwise will just put them in the closet till the next rummage sale. They are moving closer to the donation pile.

I texted roommate and he isn't sure on the exact date that he will be moving in, as he is busy with work. He offered to pay all of March rent even though he can't move in completely for a few weeks. I told him that is not neccessary, we can just prorate for whenever he moves in.

So goals for this weekend:
*Buy door knobs with key locks for my bedroom and study at my house, as well as my office up at BF's house (work requires we are able to lock the room when we WAH due to HIPAA).

*Make keys for roommate, house key and mail key. Also make extra keys for my car as I don't have a spare currently.

*Finish moving anything remaining in basement out of way for roommate (it is all cleaned, just a few items need to be moved).

*Clean up garage so roommate has room to park.

*Start packing what I can that can be moved now....first goal is stockpile of toiletries as I shouldn't need those.

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