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To Do List for the Week

March 2nd, 2015 at 08:19 pm

I got a few more things done this weekend for moving.

*Bought and installed 2 key locking doorknobs for my bedroom and my stockpile extra room.

*Bought key locking doorknob for my office at BF's house. (He will take that home to install)

*Moved some items out of roommates bedroom and into the extra bedroom (not finished yet though).

*Made house key for roommate.

*XH picked up his box of stuff, so that is gone.

*My giveaway coffee table was picked up.

*I took several bags of items that needed to go to my Mom's house up to her house, so that is another load of stuff out of the house.

*Scheduled eye apt, wanted to get that done before I moved so I don't have to make a seperate trip back to town for it. Need to use my yearly allowance for contacts. I had my dental apt last week, so won't have to worry about that for 6 months. (30 years, never had a cavaty!)

I was hoping to get more done, but just didn't happen. Oh well, progress is progress!

I am going to Laughlin/Vegas in 6 days, so switching from moving mode, to vacation mode. I need to get packed, get my house cleaned up, and make arrangements for bills etc., while I am out of town. So here is my To Do List for the week:

-Pack carry on bag
-Pack suitcase
-Pay electric bill
-Pay dental bill
-Clean kitchen
-Clean out fridge
-Empty dishwasher
-Take out garbage
-Pick up living room
-Vacuum living room
-Clean off kitchen table
-Clean out closets in extra bedroom
-Clean bedroom
-Take out bathroom garbage
-Make March 2015 Calander
-Wax Eyebrows
-Paint toenails
-Pick up cash for trip
-Hair cut/color
-Visit friend and new baby!
-Pick up newspapers
-Menards Rebates
-Get library book for book club to read on plane

Ofta....In addition to that, I am hoping to work about 10hrs OT this week (since I won't have any next week) and also BF has State Darts tournament as well. Going to have to be diligent to get everything done!

1 Responses to “To Do List for the Week”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I know how you feel Banker Gurl! I'm currently in the midst of pre-holiday stuff although I can't bring myself to write a list. I guess the short list is pack & work out what dresses to take and what new things need to be bought (I can think of a couple of items-leaving it as late as possible to avoid buying as much as possible). Wax. Manicure & pedicure. Self-tan. (These are all done at home). Get the jobs at work finalised (on track for this). Continue to develop photos & clear camera. Ensure that the debits in each account will not bounce (ie leave enough in each account). Hey I think I wrote my list!

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