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Car Repairs, Combining Finances, and Oh carp I left my phone in NV :(

March 16th, 2015 at 09:28 pm

Well firstly I left my phone in NV (HEADSLAP). I must have left it on the charter bus that takes us from Harrah's to the hotel because I know I had it all day the day we left and then when we landed DF had a text from my bro that Harrah's hand my phone. Lucky for me, someone turned it in (I don't have a smart phone or anything inappropriate on my phone, so woudn't have been a huge deal, but still happy not to have to get a new phone). I called Harrah's and they mailed my phone, it is supposed to be here on Wednesday......it is soooooo hard not having a phone....especially with DF living an hr away. Frown

I had mentioned back around Sept that my AC on my car stopped working. Lucky for me again, it stopped working right when the weather was getting cooler, so I dealt with it and soon it wasn't a problem since I live in ND and is cold for many months. Well now we have been having some warmer days and it is miserable in my car. It wouldn't be too bad if I could just shut it off....but it actually blows HOT air at ALL times, even when I have the heat/air turned off. WEIRDNESS. So I do need to get that fixed ASAP as driving to DF's an hr away in 70 degree weather with the heater blowing on me is not a happy time! LOL

Lastly, DF and I have been speaking very generally about combining finances. We won't be doing that soon, we are just feeling things out for what will work for us. I am in a better position financially then DF, and due to past crash and burns (XH!!) I want to do a prenup. We aren't going to do a big lawyer induced pages and pages of legal mumbo jumbo. Just a general division of "this is what I am bringing to the table, this is what you are bringing to the table". We are each also most likely to inherit property from our parents/grandparents, and in the unfortunate possibility that we are no longer together, we want it noted that those properties are to stay with our families, not be divided up. Keeping it as simple as possible. Once we are married we will combine our assets and debts and work as a team! I don't care for separate finances, gives reasons to fight in my opinion. I like the unity of working towards mutual goals, as does DF (he is big on mantra of working as a team). Smile

Any suggestions or comments welcome!

1 Responses to “Car Repairs, Combining Finances, and Oh carp I left my phone in NV :(”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I agree, being a team and working towards mutual goals is the entire point of marriage, IMO.

    What are your plans? Will DF be relocating to your town or will you be relocating to his?

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