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Misc Updates on my crazyness

March 22nd, 2015 at 09:13 pm

I REALLY want DF's debt numbers so I can race them here too.....but he said he would like to work on them as much as he can before we get married and combine everything. We are both in support of being a team and working together once everything is combined, but he doesn't want to bring any more debt into the marriage then he has to, and I definitely respect that he is trying to improve things himself and not in anyway relying on the savings I will be bringing to the marriage to pay off his debts. He is def not careless or indifferent to his spending (though not on my level of obsessiveness, LOL), but recent expenditures on me (wedding ring set and a surprise trip in June) were bought on credit and he is working on paying those off/down. I believe my ring was over $9K and the trip was somewhere around $3K. Then he will just have his home loan and a HELOC. He has 2 vehicles which are both paid off and also 2 boats that are paid off.

Once we are married we will make the best plan to pay off both houses and the HELOC together. Probably the HELOC first (lowest balance), then his house, then my house. Then build OUR house and rent out both of our previous residences. I think we can rent both of our houses for $1500 a month each, and both of our mortgages are only about $700 per month each. So if all goes as planned (Does it ever??) we should have a very nice rental income each month and within 10-15 years have 3 paid off homes, one for our residence, and 2 rental properties. Cart in front of horse again....lol.

Game plan right now:

-Need to pick a wedding date, we are thinking Aug/Sept as we are getting married outside at his lake cabin, they have a huge beautiful deck overlooking the lake and we want to get married on the deck. Looking at a $5K budget to include everything other then my wedding ring.

-I ordered P90X3 today! We are both going to do the program as soon as it arrives. Wedding Bootcamp!

-I am only waiting for one more piece of computer equipment before my WAH should be all set to go. I have my new computer and phone already moved to DF's house, waiting for my router. I am waiting for my chair and desk too, but I can use other furniture till the ones I want get here.

-Today I am working on cleaning out tons of old, dusty junk at DF's house. It's a lot of work to move two households together, but it's rewarding as well, and feels GREAT to get rid of so much stuff! I already have 2 bags full of recycling, 1 of garbage and about 1/2 a box full for rummage sale. I organization! DF got a 70 inch TV FREE when he bought my ring, so once the cleaning is done this week, we will put up the new TV!

3 Responses to “Misc Updates on my crazyness”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    So the plan is for you to move to his house and work from home?

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Remember that wedding dresses take six months to make unless you can buy right off the rack. If you are planning a late summer wedding you want to get on the dress immediately.

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    It's lovely and noble of DF to want to clear his debts before starting married life with you Smile

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