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Update on Me

August 17th, 2015 at 06:29 am

Hi All! I have been MIA lately, things are just nuts here and I can't keep up!

The wedding is in less then 3 weeks! There is still so much to do and I am super stressed out and having bad dreams about things not being done on time!

The house closing is STILL NOT DONE. We are extremely frustrated. We provided everything that is needed for the loan, then weeks and weeks later we were notified that they needed more, completely unnecessary paperwork! MAD! Example: We need a signed and dated letter that says why you want to move down the street. For real?!?! #1 - Why do you care? #2 - Why is that your business?? If I want to buy a new house, I shouldn't have to explain that to anyone?! Grrrr!

I have been trying super hard to lose some weight before the wedding (unfortunately when DF and I start dating and I finally felt happy again I gained a bunch of weight). I am pretty frustrated as I have been trying really hard and just not getting anywhere.....add to the stress of the wedding and house and I feel like I am losing my mind!

Oh and did I mention the BIG rummage sale is just 4 days after the wedding.....so I have no prep time....

Also I hurt my leg pretty badly in June at a softball tourney, thought it would get better on it's own, it hasn't, so I have been going to PT a few times a week as well.

And now my pictures won't load on my blog at all.....I use this camera and computer for lots of other sites (FB, etc.) where I am posting pics and don't have any problems so not sure why it wont work here.....

So there is my rant! Praying for mid September to get here so I can breathe for a minute!

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